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Ask Max: Using a USB Flash Memory Storage Drive

Asked on 06/21/2006:

I have an iBook 10.3.9, and I can't figure out how to update my Lexar Media chip. I tried to remove everything on it, then put the updated version back on, but I can't remove the documents, they just duplicate. I need to know either how to update the Lexar Media chip, or to remove an item without deleting it.


If I understand correctly, you have a USB flash memory storage drive. These USB drives work similar to floppy drives but can hold much more data and are extremely reliable. Just like floppy disk drives, once the data is copied onto them it will stay there until you drag it off the USB drive and directly onto the trash. You must also empty the trash to fully remove the files from the USB drive. After you drag the files onto the desktop or hard drive you can edit them and as long as the name has not changed when you copy them back over they will replace the old version on the USB drive.

If at any point you think your drive is not working properly you can reformat it and start new. Use Disk Utility found in the Utilities folder, which is inside the Applications folder. Select the drive name in the left hand side of the window and click on the Erase tab. Once you click on the Erase button, all information will be deleted forever and you can copy the files you want back onto it.

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