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Ask Max: USB flash drives

Asked on 07/26/2006:

Can I use a USB flash drive on my 20-inch iMac and then transfer the files/pictures/etc to my daughter's Dell PC?


Not only can you move files from your Mac to a PC with a USB flash drive, it's the recommended way to do it. The main thing to remember is that your Mac can do more than the PC when it comes to drives. Before you start moving files, make sure that the Dell PC can read the USB flash drive. You will probably need to install some drivers, but if it's Windows XP on the Dell, it should auto install. If you formatted the USB flash drive on the Mac, you will need to reformat the USB flash drive on the PC. Only reformat if the PC cannot read it. Most times the drive will work fine after the driver is installed because they come PC formatted from the factory. Once you can see the flash drive on the PC, eject it and move it over to the Mac. An icon for the drive will show up on the Mac desktop. Then copy the files to the USB flash drive and drag the drive icon to the trash. Move the drive back to the PC and you should see those files.That should get your data moving.

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