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Ask Max: Upgrading Your G4 Mirrored Door

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I'm considering buying a refurb Mac G4 mirrored door with a combo drive. If down the line I decide I need a superdrive can one be added internally?


The PowerMac G4 Mirrored Drive Door (MDD) is the most expandable Mac ever made. It can hold up to four hard drives, two optical drives and a slew of other internal components. The answer to your question is a certain yes, you can add a Superdrive. My only bit of caution is in how you install a super drive. The MDD G4 has an upper and lower optical drive bay. Single drives are always in the top bay. When you install a super drive into this computer, you'll need to move the Combo drive to the bottom bay and install the Superdrive to the top bay. For some reason Superdrives have to be on top. Also you will need to set the Superdrive's jumpers to "Cable Select" position. Lastly, the most overlooked step while installing aftermarket optical drives into Mac towers is to remove the disc tray bezel. The tray that you place a disc onto has a small plastic lip on the end of the tray. This lip catches on the outer case of most Macs and can stop the drive from ejecting properly. The lip should just slide up and off.

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