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Ask Max: Upgrading to Snow Leopard on older iMac

Asked on 07/31/2014:

I have an older iMac that is running os 10.4.11 and I want to upgrade to snow leopard. I have the snow leopard CD but can’t insert into my iMac. How can I download this new operating system? I purchased an external cd driver but when I put the snow leopard cd in the driver it tells me to restart my computer to install the program. When I restart it, the wheel on the screen just turns and turns  and does’’t restart my computer. 
My computer is so fragmented and I need to defragment, but can’t run a utility program until I have snow leopard installed. 



  1. Place the 10.6 DVD in the drive, then power the computer all the way off.
  2. Once it’s off, hold down “Option” and power the unit back up.
  3. You should see two different icons: one for the DVD and one for the Internal drive.
  4. Release the Option key, and click on the DVD.

It should then boot up from the DVD.

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