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Ask Max: Upgrading older AGP video cards

Asked on 11/14/2007:

I have a G4 tower (Gigabyte Ethernet) with the original rage 128 pro video card installed in the 2x AGP slot. The CPU and memory have already been upgradedI want to upgrade the card, thinking of NVIDIA GeForce4 Titanium or the Radeon 9000 Pro Mac because of the ADC connector. Will this card be compatible with my studio display 17™ ADC CRT monitor that was sold with the G4? I am confused about whether the ADC port is compatible with my monitor or just the Apple flat panels.


Any video card with a built-in ADC port will work to power the Apple 17™ ADC CRT display. However, DVI to ADC adapters will not provide enough power for the CRT display. Those adapters only work with LCD-based ADC displays. Your bigger problem is finding an Apple original video card with an ADC port. There are some private sales that sell those cards but increasingly it is difficult to 2XAGP cards with an ADC port. Most video upgrade cards we sell for older G4 towers are the PCI version, like the ATI 9200 card.

This card only has a DVI and VGA display connector and would not work with your CRT display. The 9200 card is a great choice for running a newer Apple LCD display, if you want to upgrade your display as well.

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