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Ask Max: Is upgrading MacBook video processor hard?

Asked on 02/27/2007:

How hard is it to upgrade the video on a 13" MacBook & would it then be comparable to the MacBook pro?


It is not possible to upgrade the video processor on MacBooks or Mac minis. MacBook Pros and iMacs can have the video RAM increased but only at the factory. Mac Pros and 24" iMacs can have their video cards upgrade at any time in the computer's life, as long as cards are available.Even at peak performance, a MacBook will not have the same video processing power that a MacBook Pro has. The good news for 13" MacBook and Mac mini owners is that both of these computers have integrated graphics chips. That means the graphics processor shares the system memory instead of having dedicated video memory. So upgrading the total volume of RAM on your MacBook will improve your computer's overall performance. Adding RAM to a MacBook is an easy procedure that most Mac users will have no difficulty performing.

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