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Ask Max: Upgrading iMac G3 with DVD Burner. . . Frustrating

Asked on 07/26/2006:

I am trying to upgrade my mother's iMac Special Edition G3 DV 400mhz machine to be able to burn pictures from her Kodak Easyshare software. It seems they only support the factory internal drive, and my backup plan-iphoto-only supports 'supported drives' but doesn't tell us what those drives are!? It looks like any compatible superdrive will work, but I have already purchased 2 external drives and returned them due to my own ignorance and being misled by a salesman. I don't want to do a 3rd. Applestore is no help, and the apple discussion forums don't seem to be interested as well.Do you have any suggestions?I have taken computers apart many times and I don't care internal or external.


I have found that Apple almost always supports external LaCie FireWire drives. That would be your best bet for an external drive, although Fantom drives are also compatible. For an internally installed drive, you can buy a MCE drive to replace the old optical drive. MCE has an 8 x Superdrive (PN IMACSLDVDR2) that fits all slot loading iMacs and works with Mac OS 9 and up. Remember to use caution when working on an iMac because the CRT can hold an electrical charge long after being unplugged. Other than that cautionary note, it is an easy job.That should get those pictures burned.

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