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Ask Max: Upgrading Geneology Software

Asked on 08/28/2006:

I have upgraded from the Cube to an iMac with OS 10 Tiger. My genealogy LDS program PAF does not transfer. There is an update for the PC only. I don't want to enter thousands of names into a new compatible program. How can I make it transfer from the Cube OS 9.2. Thank you for your reply.


The best way to move forward with your genealogy work is to upgrade to an OS X native application. You are in luck that your old program saved your data in the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) format. That is still the standard file format for genealogy programs and the replacement program I would recommend, Reunion 8, supports it. ( After moving your data file from the Cube to your new iMac, you will be able import that data into Reunion 8. It works on Intel and PowerPC Macs and should last you through many more upgrades into the future.That should get you back to work. Good luck.Jacob Loeb

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