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Ask Max: G4 processor upgrade is not working

Asked on 09/07/2006:

Hello, I found you on the web and the listing said if I have any Mac questions I can ask Jacob. Plus you guys are in Oregon and my sister lives in Medford so I thought from one Oregonian to another you might be able to answer my question. Here goes, I have a G4 with a 466MHz processor and I want to replace it with a 733 MHz. I put the 733 in and the computer starts but then the power light goes out, the screen is black, but the fan is running and the computer has power. Also, there is a blinking red light on the motherboard. When I put the 433 back in everything works fine. Why won't the 733 work? If possible please help.


Not all processors are interchangeable even if they fit in the socket. If you got a processor from a Quicksilver 733 MHz Power Mac, it may not work in your Digital Audio Power Mac even though there was a Digital Audio 733 MHz. The symptoms you describe when starting up with the 733 MHz processor installed indicates that the processor is damaged or incompatible.Here are a few things to try before you should give up on the 733MHz processor. First double check that there is no uninstalled firmware updates for your 466MHz G4. Second, try booting without RAM installed. This should make your Mac beep and flash its lights. If it does not get that far, it is failing the Power On Self Test (POST) before it gets past the processor. Lastly you can try to find someone who will let you test that 733 MHz processor in their Quicksilver G4.My guess it is not going to work in your computer. In that case consider a certified and compatible upgrade card. Giga Designs makes some very fast upgrade kits. that helps you outJacob Loeb

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