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Ask Max: Upgrading a G3 Mac Tower Hard Drive

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I have a blue and white G3. I have updated the processor to 1Ghz, but need more hard drive space. I only have 6G now, and that's hardly enough to run the OS let alone my applications!I am a graphic designer.So my question is can I add another internal hard drive to that machine or do I change out the old one for a new one?Can you give me some suggestions or what drives will work with that machine?



The B&W G3 had some special considerations when it came to hard drives. The first generation could only handle one 6 GB hard drive reliably. Putting a bigger drive in those systems would eventually develop drive problems. The second generation of B&W G3 would take two drives in sizes up to 120 GB. Most second-generation B&W G3 towers had an extra drop on the ribbon cable for the second drive.

Blue and White Mac Tower

I recommend that you do not use the original drive connections in the B&W but instead get a PCI card that will allow you to add new drives. The good news is that you can get a SATA PCI card for your computer and the investment in new hard drives now can carry over to any new Mac you upgrade to. I would recommend the two-port SATA card from Sonnet (Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA card). Then you just have to pick your desired drive size. When selecting your SATA drive make sure that it has a Molex power connector.

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