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Ask Max: Upgrading From OS 9 to OS 10

Asked on 09/22/2008:

I have a G4 quicksilver 733 with 10.2.8 that I bought from PowerMax. It only has the built in Ethernet and no PCI card. It will not connect to the Internet no matter what I do. There are no components anywhere in the networking setup. I’ve downloaded every patch, driver and update from Apple and none have helped. If I boot up in 9 I can get on line. I would upgrade to a newer version of OS 10, but I’m using a protocols 001 and don’t know how much I can upgrade and have the software still work. Can you help?


Some DSL accounts require you to use special PPPoE settings to activate the DSL Modem's connection to your ISP. With a PPPoE connection you have to enter in a user name and password into your Network System Preferences. Here are Apple’s instructions on adding your PPPoE settings.

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