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Ask Max: Unstalling Superdocker Freeware

Asked on 02/03/2009:

Hi Jacob,

I need help with my Dock. I'm running OSX 10.5.5 on a MacBook Pro. I recently downloaded and installed "SuperDocker 3.0.3" and am having some problems with it. I've attempted to resolve these issues with the developer of SuperDocker with no success. The problems persist.

So I thought I'd simply un-install SuperDocker and re-install the standard OS X Dock. Here's where I need your help: How do I un-install SuperDocker? I've tried dragging it to the Trash, but it seems to stay installed. Any suggestions?

Next, where can I get the standard Dock? It disappeared when SuperDocker was installed.



SuperDocker does not actually replace the Dock application itself but instead contains some scripts that replace visual elements and edits the preference file for the dock. The easiest way to restore your Apple computer dock to normal is with the SuperDocker application. At the bottom right side of the SuperDocker Application window, is a "Restore Dock Settings." Clicking this will get your Dock back to the way it looks when you first logged into OS X. All your Added items will remain the same but if you had it on the right or left hand sides of your screen, then you will have to use the Dock System Preferences to restore that position.

After that you can trash the SuperDocker application again.

Hope that helps,

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