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Ask Max: Unable to burn files to blank discs - iMac G5

Asked on 11/02/2006:

I'm using OSX 10.4.8 on an iMac G5 and I am unable to burn files onto blank discs. When I insert a blank disc it does not show up on my desktop, but does show up in Disk Utility. My computer does, however, recognize discs I've burned in the past or 3rd party discs. I cant seem to burn files onto the blank disc in Disk Utility, either.Get info tells me that the disc is "Locked" and is "Read Only."After I leave the disc in and restart, a window says "The disc you inserted is not readable by this computer. Eject." If I eject it then reinsert, it still does not show up on my desktop, but automatically opens Disk Utility and it shows up in the sidebar there.Am I doing something wrong or what?


A few things could be affecting your burning ability. If these blank discs are CD-RW or DVD-RW format then you have to erase the disc before you can use them. Insert the disc and open Disc Utility.. Select the disc from the left hand section of the window and click on the erase tab. Then select Quick Erase and click on the Erase button. Then the disc should be ready to use.If you are not using rewrite-able media, then you could be using defective media. If the disc you are using has failed to burn previously it may have been rendered useless. Try different discs and perhaps a different brand disc to see if you get better results..Another possibility is that your "CDs & DVDs" preferences were accidentally set to "Ignore." To change that setting, go to System Preferences under the Blue Apple menu. Click on CDs & DVDs to see a listing of your options. For both "When you insert a blank CD" and "When you insert a blank DVD" change the pull down menu to "Ask what to do."One of those three things should get you burning.

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