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Ask Max: Troubleshooting and Setting Up Mail

Asked on 05/26/2006:

The Mail program was set up for me at the Apple Store. I could read mail, but it will not send mail, Pop ups interrupt saying "This message could not be saved". The pop up doesn't always appear but the mail doesn't ever send. Also, when I read the mail, it conveniently appeared on the bottom of my received messages. Automatically. Two days ago this process stopped and I now have to double click to read messages. Do you know what happened?


First lets get your preview window back. That's the convenient mail viewer that was below your messages. The good news is that it is probably still there just hiding. If you look at the bottom of your Mail window you should see a thin grey border line with a dot in the center. Move your mouse pointer over the dot. The mouse pointer will become a horizontal line with two arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down. Click the mouse button and hold it down while moving up about half way up the Mail window. Let go and click on an email. It should now appear in the preview window as it did before.

Now let's look at your sending mail issues. This was probably set up wrong at the Apple store. In the Mail application there is a menu called "Mail" and inside of it is "Preferences..." Clicking on "Preferences..." will open a new window. At the top of that window will be @ icon that you will need to click on. Now you will see a listing of email accounts on the left side of that window. You probably only have one there. Click on your account and then click on "Account Information" on the right. Towards the bottom of the preference window is a button that says "Server Settings..." Clicking on that will open another window were you need to put your outgoing mail settings. All Internet providers use different settings. Yours is AOL and they have the following settings. Your "Outgoing Mail Server" is "" and it is probably already entered in the text field. The "Server Port" needs to be 587 and the "Authentication" should be set to "Password." In the User Name and Password fields enter the same AOL username and password you entered to get into your account. Click "OK" and there is just one more thing to do. Click on "Mailbox Behaviors" and uncheck the two checkboxes called "Drafts" and "Sent."

That should fix it.

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