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Ask Max: Trouble sending mail in 10.4.8

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I have a G4 with the Tiger 10.4.8 OS. Ever since I installed the new OS my mail has been so finicky. It will send sometimes and other times it won't. I can only on occasion send one photo at a time from my iPhoto and even at that sometimes it sends and other times it doesn't. Also, it is so slow now. I can't go forward or backward when I am searching because it takes so long... HELP!!!!!


Apple's Mail application stores massive amounts of email-related data in a variety of resource databases. It remembers our sent and received email of course, but it also saves all the email addresses we have interacted with, sorting rules, and junk-mail rules. The more data it saves, the more likely an update is going to break old databases, especially if you save most of your old emails. I have emails from the '90s in my computer at home.One Mail database that often gets damaged is the "Envelope Index." This is a SQLite database that provides important information about your emails, but it is just a listing of information. If you delete it, a new database will be created based on the emails you have stored on your computer. You can find your "Envelope Index" in your home folder's library folder (/Users/"YourUserAccountHere"/Library/Mail/Envelope Index). Quit Mail and then drag "Envelope Index" to the trash. Now just restart Mail. It will act like it is importing new mail but it is really just rebuilding the "Envelope Index" file. Start up Mail and test its speed.Give that a try and let me know how it works for you.

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