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Ask Max: Transferring Data with a Crossover Cable, Part 2

Asked on 05/26/2006:

Thanks for the reply. I purchased a CAT5e Crossover Patch cable and connected the two computers. How do I get the data transfered? What do I need to do?


On the iMac you will need to turn on AppleTalk if it is not already on. Go to the Apple menu and mouse down to Chooser. In the Chooser, select ™AppleTalk™ in the left pane and then select ™Active™ in the right pane. Now close the Chooser and restart.

On your eMac select ™System Preferences™ from the Apple Menu and click on ™Network.™ From the ™Show:™ menu select ™Built-in-Ethernet™ and then click on the AppleTalk tab. Check the box marked ™Make AppleTalk Active.™ Now click on the ™Apply Now™ button. Next, from the System Preferences window, select ™Sharing.™ Under the ™Services™ tab check the box for ™Personal File Sharing.™ You may now close the System Preferences window.

Back at the iMac again, go to the Chooser. Click on AppleTalk and you should see your eMac listed in the window on the right. Double click on it and you will be prompted for a username and password. Use your OS X username and password from the eMac. Now you should be connected to your eMac like it was a server.

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