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Ask Max: Trade a Mac for a Dell?

Asked on 05/26/2006:

My college student son got a Dell from us for college and he hates it. Do you take them for trade in when someone buys another portable from you?


We get this question often as people make the switch from PC to Macintosh. I wish we could help people by taking in old PCs on trade but we do not. The reason is that we service and test all our trade in computers and get them ready for sale. People who have a tighter budget or are just looking for a great deal buy these previously owned computers. We stand behind all our systems with warranty and support. Unfortunately we could not have the same faith in a PC system's quality that we have in our Mac systems. We made the decision long ago that we would only sell quality computers and in our opinion that is what Macs are.

The best bet for selling a PC would be eBay or Good luck with your PC and I am sure we can help get your son find a Mac he will love.

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