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Ask Max: Those old round ball speakers...can I still used them?

Asked on 11/02/2006:

I've got those old wonderful round ball speakers that were made incompatible with all Macs since the G4 tower.. Is there a connector I can find to use them with my MacBook Pro (or even my blue G3)?


The iFire is the name of the device that does exactly what you want. With the iFire you can plug any 1/8" audio source and listen through the Apple Pro Speakers you have. The round-ball Apple Pro Speakers use a proprietary plug that carries audio and power. Because the 1/8" headphone jacks on your two computers do not carry power, the iFire also needs to be connected to a FireWire port. The power from the FireWire port is combined with the analog audio from the headphone jack and delivered to the Apple Pro Speakers.. Unfortunately, the iFire is no longer made by Griffin Technologies and you will have to look around for second hand sales of an iFire. I have yet to find any other alternatives currently being sold. I will keep an eye out for an iFire to come in on trade in and let you know.

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