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Ask Max: Taking A Screen Shot On A Mac

Asked on 01/21/2009:

I have a website which I plan on replacing with a new one. I would like to have a hardcopy for posterity, but am unable to print if off so it looks like what is posted on the web. Can you tell me if there is a way for me to print it off properly?


Any time you want to print a picture of exactly what you see on screen you should take a screen shot first. Use the Grab application in the Utilities folder. From the Capture menu select "Window." You will then have the option to get the Web browser window to look just as you want it to when printed. Then go back to the Grab application and click on the Choose Window button. The pointer will turn into a camera and the next window you click on will be captured as an image. You can print that image and also save it in digital form.

You can also use Apple (Command) Key + Shift+3, which will allow you to capture the entire screen.

Apple (Command) Key + Shift+4 gives you a cross hair with which you can capture a select portion of your screen by dragging the cross hair over the image you're interested in capturing.

To switch windows while in capture mode press the spacebar.

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