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Ask Max: System Freezes and Hardware Problems

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I've asked this question of many experts and also the apple tech and have got as many different answers.

First a little background: I am using a G4 PowerMac tower, MDD, DP which came with both OS 9 and OS X already installed on the computer. I can boot up in either of these systems. I can also bring up Classic if I am in the OS X system.

I have been getting a lot of applications just quitting on me and screen freezes which in most cases can not be unfroze without completely shutting down my computer the hard way. Force Quit rarely seems to work for these freezes.

I have tried an Archive and Install several times without any success. I also have tried using Disk Utility to verify and repair the hard drive and it was while I was performing these tests that I came up with the problem I wanted to ask you about.

At the conclusion of the repair with the Disk Utility I got the report that was as follows:

Repair attempted on 2 volumes:
1 HFS Volume repaired
1 volume could not be repaired.

I have run Disk Warrior and repaired the hard drive many times with Disk Utility but I always get the same results.I don't have my hard drive partitioned so I don't understand where the 2 volumes come in.When I ran the Repair Disk on Disk Utility I was careful to select only the hard drive and not the Startup Disk I booted the computer with, thinking that it might be referring to the Startup CD as the other volume.


There is a possibility that some extra data is leftover in the volumes folder. To get there you will need to click on the desktop once. This will make sure you are in the Finder. Then click on "Go To Folder..." from the "Go" menu. Enter "/Volumes/" in the text field without the quotes and click "Go." In this folder you should only see your mounted drives. If there is more there than you expected, that could be the cause of your second volume error.

As for your crashing system I wonder if you have tried making a new user account. An Archive and Install will only replace your system folder and not your user folder. There is a chance that within your user account is corrupted settings that could cause your lockups. Try creating a new user account and working from that account for a little bit and see if the problem continues. Try not to change any of the new accounts settings from the defaults. If you are still having issues then it is most likely a hardware problem and should be taken to a service center.

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