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Ask Max: Stuck 80GB video iPOD!

Asked on 02/27/2007:

My iPod is frozen. It's an 80 GB video iPod and it won't do anything. I plugged it into my computer to put more songs on it but it didn't show up on my computer. It did, however, display the Do not disconnect screen. Now it's stuck on that screen. Because it wasn't showing up on my computer at all I disconnected it from the cord. Then I reconnected it and it still didn't do anything. I quit iTunes and started it back up again, I let my computer sleep, I've tried to turn my iPod off by holding down the play button, but it doesn't do anything. I pressed menu, I pressed the center button, I toggled with the hold switch, nothing I do is working. Am I missing something?


Every so often my wife's iPod gets stuck like yours has. In those situations I switch the Hold switch to the hold position and then back off hold. Then I press the "Menu" button and the Center button at the same time. Hold both buttons down until you see the screen flash, often it takes less then 10 seconds. The iPod should reboot and display an Apple logo.Next time if you forget the above, you can disconnect the iPod and let it sit until the battery runs out. Then hooking back to the computer will get it started again (although you'll have to let it charge of course).To avoid your iPod locking up like this again, make sure you have the Hold switch in the off position before you attach it to the computer. I have found that this helps, but it could be coincidental.

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