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Ask Max: Strange Dates

Asked on 07/26/2006:

In ™List View,™ my dates-Date Created and Date Modified-are identical. Now when I modifiy a file, the date created changes to match the date modified. What did I do wrong? How can I correct it?


I had trouble recreating this here on my system. Even when I used ™Save As™ instead of ™Save™ it retained the original creation date. There is a possibility that this problem could be caused by saving to a PC formatted drive. Both NTFS and FAT32 drives have problems with Mac file dates. To check the format of the drive, click on it once and push the Apple key and ™I™ key at the same time. Under the ™General™ section you want to look for the ™Format™ entry. That will tell you what its format is. Mac OS Extended is what you want to see for Mac only drives. If you see something without ™Mac OS Extended™ in it, you will want to backup the data and reformat from Disk Utility. However, only reformat if this is just used for Mac-only data, sharing the drive with Windows PCs requires different formatting. Hope that gets you a little further, let me know how it works out.

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