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Ask Max: Speakers for Your Mac

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I bought a G5 from PowerMax a while ago and need to update my speakers. I want a pair that can sit on my desk on either side of my monitor. What do you recommend?


Speakers and headphones are always tough to recommend. The difficulty comes from the enormous difference between the way people hear sound. For example it is rumored that the iPod is the loudest portable music player because Steve Jobs is slightly deaf and insisted that the volume needed to be increased to his liking. That being said, some people do not hear that much difference between good sound and bad sound when it comes to speakers. If you're that kind of person, then most PC speakers systems will be fine for you. I have liked Logitech's range of speakers but you can find many other speakers of similar quality. If you are the "golden ear" type of person who can hear every hiss and pop in an audio file then you should be pickier with your selection. I would recommend you sample the sound of the speakers. This is where owning an iPod helps. Create a playlist with a range of music and spoken word files on it. Take your iPod shopping with you and try bits of all the same files on different speakers. Mid range speakers are going to cost between $150 to about $300. If you look at going above that in price you may want to use the optical audio connection on your G5 and not the line out 1/8" jack.

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