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Ask Max: Software Update Throwing Errors, What Now?

Asked on 09/29/2008:

When I try to use software update to download updates, I get back a message: ™A network error has occurred. Cannot open file (-3001). Make sure you can connect.....™

Can you help me w/ this issue?


While it’s possible for some networks to block the use of Apple’s software updates, it’s not too likely. It’s also possible that you have a software error that is causing the problem, but I also think this is unlikely. It is far more likely that Apple is having a server error and that is causing your problem. If you have been able to use Software Update before and only now it is giving you this error, then it is probably not a problem on your end. Try downloading the file you want directly from the Apple downloads page.

There are a few others who have had similar issues as documented in this Apple Forum discussion thread.

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