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Ask Max: Skype and Mac Problems - works on one Mac, not the other.

Asked on 03/31/2009:

We have two older Mac towers, both running OS 10.3.9 successfully. Have Skype installed on both. Have two iMics and two headphone phones, both of which work perfectly on one of the towers. Have tried to get Skype to work on the second tower, with no success. Incoming sound works perfectly on both; outgoing sound works on only one of the towers.

I have used the iMics and the headphone phones on the Machine that works correctly, and both combos work, so we know the problem is not the accessories. Have set the Sound settings identical on the System Preferences on both. But Skype works on one and not on the other. Absolutely cannot figure out what we're missing, but obviously we're missing something.

Any suggestions? Would much appreciate--many thanks!



You should check the Audio tab in the Skype preferences and make sure that it is referencing the same input / output. It may also be advisable to upgrade your Skype version to 2.7 which should run on your system.

If all the above fails, you may need to try an Archive and Install of the Mac OS to remove any problem USB audio drivers causing a conflict.

Hope this helps,

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