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Ask Max: "Shut Down Your Computer" Warning

Asked on 05/26/2006:

My Mac will work for different lengths of time then a warning in several languages comes up saying shut down your computer. If you don't shut down after a while a sizzling sound starts.

The logic board has been changed twice and the power supply also been changed. Still does the same thing.


There are several things that could be the cause of this problem. First thing to do would be boot up off the "Apple Hardware Test (AHT)" CD. Sometimes this is on the "Restore/Install" DVD. Insert the DVD and restart the computer holding down the "Option" key. You will see a blue screen with buttons indicating bootable volumes available. Chose the HST button and click on the right arrow. After it boots up to the test screen, run the test several times and see if it finds any faulty hardware. If it does not find anything then try reinstalling the OS off the "Restore/Install" DVD. Chose the Clean install option when installing. Now if that still has not solved the problem try exchanging the RAM to see if that helps. An Apple Authorized service center can help with the RAM tests if you have not installed any RAM yourself. If you have, Remove that first then see if the problem is fixed. Leave it out before you take it to a service center.

Let me know if this solves your problems and if you do not have it, I would recommend Apple Care for this computer.

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