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Ask Max: Should I wait to buy a MacBook Pro?

Asked on 05/26/2006:

Hi, I am going off to college late June, I am looking to buy a 1.83 80gig 512mb MacBook Pro, should I wait a little bit for a new changes like heat and sound problems or should I just order it now? When do you think these revisions will come out?


Like any new Apple product, there were some "first rev" issues with the MacBook Pro. Apple wanted the transition to Intel to be cleaner than previous product transitions, so they worked hard to fix these issues fast. Apple has been quick in finding and then fixing the problems with all of the Intel-based Macs. Design changes for Intel Macs have come faster than I have ever seen from Apple before. The best way to be sure you're getting the latest version of MacBook Pro would be to order a Build To Order model. Getting a bigger hard drive or faster processor will almost guarantee you are getting fresh stock, although by now most stock is new enough.

The only reason you may want to hold off for a while is that at least two more laptops should be released before you head off to school and you might want to see all your options.

But, I know waiting can be hard, so really the bottom line is that now would be a fine time to buy a MacBook Pro.

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