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Ask Max: Setting Up Your First Wireless Network

Asked on 05/26/2006:

Verizon finally teased us away form high-speed dial up with their $14.95 per month 768Kbps/128Kbps DSL service. What modems/routers would you suggest to us to so we can set up our first wireless SOHO wireless network. We will be using pc laptops a well as a G4 laptop and non-Intel G5 iMac. What software would you suggest for firewall and virus protection? We have a two-story home. Everything has wireless cards except the G5.


Congratulations on getting that high-speed Internet connection. I have been on one every place I have lived since 1998. It may be a little expensive but I would recommend the Apple Airport Base Station. It will be easy to setup and administer from any of your Macs as well as support connections from your PC computers. It will also include two Ethernet ports. One Ethernet port is used for the DSL modem from Verizon. The other port is for the G5 without a wireless card. The Airport Base Station will have a few other features that will be of use. It has a modem in it in case you ever go back to dialup. The modem port could also be used so that you could dial into your home DSL connection when traveling. It will also have an antenna port on it. If you have parts of your house that you do not get any signal then you can add an extra external antenna.

Any Product that is a NAT router will act as a firewall. This includes the Apple Base Station as well as many other home Routers. The PC should have an antivirus but the Macs do not need any additional protection. If the Apple Base Station cost more then you want to spend than I would suggest one from Linksys. The 4-port Wireless G router would be a good fit but harder to configure.

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