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Ask Max: Setting up Skype on a G5

Asked on 09/16/2008:

I have what I'm sure qualifies as a dumb question. I bought a G5 Power PC 1.8 GHz from PowerMax three years ago.

I would like to install Skype on my Mac, so I can make overseas phone calls. A friend who has Skype says you just need to yell at your computer once you connect Skype, and the computer acts as a phone transmitter and receiver.

My dumb question: do I have a microphone built in? Or will I have to buy one and hook it up to a USB port?

Or do I do something else.


Rest assured, a person can't know what they don't know, so your question is as fair as they get.

Unfortunately for your Skype ambitions, no Mac computer tower, including the Mac mini, comes with a built-in microphone. You will need a USB headset or desktop microphone for your G5, of which we sell a wide variety. Only the iMacs and Mac laptops come with the built-in microphones. The good news is that practically any USB microphone will work on your Mac without extra software. You just have to select it in the System Preferences upon install.

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