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Ask Max: Safari can't download anything after OS update

Asked on 05/09/2007:

I have a dual 450 MHz G4 with a 1.38 GB SDRAM running 10.4.8 I cannot download anything, even widgets. I'm able to save some web pages, but can't update programs or download anything new. What gives?


It is possible that your Safari web browser is damaged. I would recommend downloading a different web browser to see if the same problem exists with both browsers, but of course downloading is the problem. This becomes an impasse from time-to-time, how do you download a new browser without a working browser?

To solve this you should be able to create an FTP connection to and get a copy the FireFox browser that way. Click once on the desktop to switch to the Finder. From the Go menu select "Connect to Server..." In the server address window type in this address:  "" without the quotes. Once connected, you should see a new item on the desktop and in the Finder window that is called "releases." Open up "releases" and navigate to the latest version of FireFox. At the moment it is and you get to it via this folder path: / Drag the file to your desktop and then double click on it to mount the install disk. To install, just drag the application to the Applications folder. Now start up FireFox and see if that works. If FireFox works, then you just need to get a new copy of Safari. If it does not work or you could not create an FTP connection, that would mean that there are bigger system problems or settings. An Archive and Install from your 10.4 Tiger disks may be the best solution.

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