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Ask Max: Removing Dialog Icon From Mac Sidebar

Asked on 01/28/2009:

System: OS 10.4.11 (with all updates), iMac 800mhz, Superdrive

I began to burn a playlist, CDDA, in iTunes then learned one of the tracks was an Mpeg4 protected file, dialog said this iMac was not authorized. I stopped / exited the recording process, ejected the blank CDR and yet an icon remains in the sidebar of all windows opened on this iMac.

Question: how can I permanently remove that icon from the sidebar and elsewhere on this iMac. I drag it to trash each time and each time it returns, it does not appear on the desktop. Apologies if this specific info is in Help. Thank you in advance for your reply to me.


There are a few plist files that you can try deleting to remove that failed Burn from your sidebar. From your User account's Home folder look in the /Library/Preferences/ folder for and Move both files to the trash and then restart your Apple computer. If that fails to work, you should boot up off your OS Install DVD and open Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. Select your hard drive and then use the Disk permissions repair function of the First Aid Tab.

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