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Ask Max: Removing a broken power adapter tip and is there an external battery charger?

Asked on 05/16/2007:

A friend of mine broke the tip of his charging cord in the receptacle of his IBook Dual USB. Can you suggest a way of extracting it?

Also, is there any sort of external battery charger that will charge a laptop battery?


Getting a broken tip out of any port can take some skill but it is possible. Many years ago I worked as a locksmith and we had a tool to remove broken key parts from locks. You will have to make a tool like the locksmithing tool.

All you need is a small paperclip and a metal file with a square edge. Unbend the paperclip straight and file the tip into a point. On the pointed end use the file's edge, held at a 45 degree angle, to make triangle cuts on one side of the paperclip's shaft. You want the paperclip to look like a saw blade. It only needs teeth for the first 1/4-inch of the paperclip. Now you have your tool.

Remove the battery and insert your paperclip tool, pointed end first, into the power port. You want the smooth side of the paper clip pressed tight to the inner edge of the port. Push the tool down as far as it will go. You want to get the tool between the tip and the plug wall. The teeth should be able to grip the broken tip. When you have the tool between the tip and wall, start pulling out the tool. The tip should come along for the ride. It may take a few tries.

Also, MCE makes a 12" IBook battery charger that should work for your friend's iBook.

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