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Ask Max: Turning Off At Restart, Quicksilver Mac Problems

Asked on 12/07/2008:

Looking for information on a Motherboard for a Quicksilver Dual 1.0 GHz. The Quicksilver turns off (almost) every time I ask it to restart. I hear the chimes, and then it just clicks off. Also, same computer will not allow me to install Mac OS 10.5. Any idea why?


I am not sure your Quicksilver problems are entirely related to the Apple computer Logic board. It could also be a power-supply issue or a PMU/PRAM battery issue. Check out Apple's info on resetting the PMU and also remove the PRAM battery and check its voltage. It must be 3.6 Volts or higher.

Another possible cause could be a faulty power button on the front of Apple computers or the display. Try using a different display on the computer and test whether it happens again.

Installing Leopard onto a 1 GHz DP Quicksilver should be an easy process as long as you also have 9 GB of available drive space and at least 512MB of RAM. Make sure you are using a black-labeled version of Leopard. Gray labeled versions will only work on the specific model of Macs it shipped with.

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