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Ask Max: What do I need to go wireless with a Quicksilver G4 ?

Asked on 09/20/2006:

Hey Jacob - I have a few questions to bounce off of you ...I'm a graphic designer and about to go into business for myself. I just left my corporate job and I need to get my old PowerMac G4 (Quick Silver) up to speed at home. I haven't used it in three years. I need it to have a wireless internet connection. What do I need?Also, I want to get a used laptop for some on-location work, checking emails, etc. Which laptop would you recommend? I had a G4 PowerBook (17") at my former job and I loved it. My only problem is that I don't have the money to purchase that same one.... any suggestions?


The easiest way to go wireless on the Quicksilver G4 is with the original Airport Card ( It just slides into a special slot on the inside and a built-in antenna plugs into the back of the card. It is a very clean and easy install. As for the transmitting end: some DSL providers supply wireless routers but you can just buy yourself a Linksys wireless router ( That should get you wireless. For a cost-effective laptop, you could go with a previously owned G4 iBook, but also consider a MacBook. For as little as $1099.00 you could have a faster computer than your Quicksilver that can also hook up to your current display and keyboard. You could then use the MacBook as your main system and trade in your old computer.Perhaps that will work best for you.

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