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Ask Max: Questions about monitor calibration

Asked on 08/28/2006:

I want to calibrate the monitor for my iMac G5 (OS X 10.4.7) using my Pantone ColorVision Spyder 2. How do I reset contrast and brightness to factory defaults? How do I set backlight control to Jacobimum? Where are the controls for White Luminance and Black Luminance? I know I can calibrate using Color Sync, but how does that compare with ColorVision? I'll be happy to have some advice on this. Thanking you in advance,


The display controls for an iMac's LCD are software controlled. You access those controls through the "Displays" section of System Preferences. The backlight brightness is adjusted from a slider underneath the resolutions section. You can set the screen back to its default color settings under the "Color" tab. Then click on the Profile that says it is for your iMac. Next to the Profile list is a "Calibrate" button that will help you to adjust color, luminance, and white-point but your Spyder should take care of all those settings. I hope this gets you back in tune with your color.

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