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Ask Max: Question About iMacs

Asked on 06/21/2006:

Hey, Jacob, I was planning on buying an iMac from PowerMax. But before I bought it, I wanted to know a few things about it since the description doesn't say everything, and I can't see any other pictures. First, I was wondering if there was a port for an Ethernet cable. I would also like to know how many/if there are any USB and/or FireWire ports. This would be my first Mac, so I just wanted to buy a cheap one to get a feel for them.


Being that this is your first Mac, let me give you some general info about Macs. All G3 and newer Macs will come with built-in Ethernet. The first generation iMacs that have tray-loading CD drives will not have FireWire. Most of the later iMacs with slot loading CD or DVD drives will have FireWire built in. Every iMac will have at least two USB ports. To be sure that you get an iMac with all the ports you want, I would recommend that you buy a G3 500MHz or faster iMac.

Buying a G3 iMac for your first Mac will not be a true introduction to Macintosh computers. The Mac OS and the computer world in general have advanced far beyond the first few generations of iMac. A G3 iMac is still appropriate for Internet research and word processing, but for media-heavy projects it is not going to cut it. Look at the G4 iMacs or eMacs instead.

Hope that helps narrow your choices and feel free to call a PowerMax sales person to help walk you through your options.

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