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Ask Max: Printing Postcards on an HP Inkjet Printer

Asked on 06/21/2006:

I purchased a G5 computer from your company. I also have an Office Jet HP All-in-one 6210xi printer. I cannot find anyplace that gives simple directions to print post cards and envelopes. Is it possible that you could email me specific directions on how to do this. I have studied the HP Office Jet 6200 series all-in-one user guide and I simply cannot follow the directions as to printing post cards and envelopes. Is there some simple aspect that I am not doing or changing? I would certainly be appreciative of this technique if you could send it to me by email. I have also contacted the HP Company about this problem and they did not even have the proper printer listed.


Most HP inkjet printers have the same method of printing to envelopes or 4X6 (postcard) paper, even the all-in-one printers. On the top of the paper tray is a plastic cover the printed pages land on after the printer kicks them out. In that plastic tray is a small slit on the back right corner. There is often an envelope icon next to it. Insert your envelope or 4X6 into the slot with the print side facing down. The left side of the slot will have a spring guide that will push the paper to the right side of the slit. Keep inserting the paper until it stops firmly, about four inches in. Now you are ready to print. I would recommend finding the latest driver from HP for your printer and installing it. The driver on the CD is most likely old and due for an update. After installing the driver you should re-link to your printer. Click on desktop once and then click on the ™Go™ menu. In the Go menu click on ™Utilities.™ In the Utilities folder double click on ™Printer Setup Utility.™ From Printer Setup Utility click once on your printer and click the ™Delete™ button. Next click on the Add button and re-add your printer. Deleting and adding your printer after a driver update will ensure you are using the new print driver. You should be ready to print now. Select print from iPhoto for a test and change the ™Paper:™ to 4x6 Postcard. You may have additional options under 4x6 Postcard for borderless or perforated tab printing. It may take a few attempts to find the right settings.

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