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Ask Max: Printing and website formatting issues

Asked on 04/12/2007:

I bought two iMacs for the women in the office (PowerPC). They have a couple weird problems that I can't figure out. The first is that when they print (to an HP2200 network printer), it sometimes cuts off the right hand side. Two different documents (Excel and pdf), so I don't think that was it. When the same documents are printed on a PC, they print fine.

The second issue is kind of similar. Our bookkeeper has to go to a government school website to print documents. When she looks at the document on the Mac, it is tiny and "wraps" around so the headings aren't all on the same line. It prints out the same way. Again, it looks fine and prints fine from a PC. I can't find where to change this.


We too use the HP 2200 in our office and have had great success with them, but we do go to HP's website and download Mac OS X print driver updates. I would have you start there at first but I do not think that alone will solve the problem. Something to look at is the orientation of your paper in Page Setup. You may be printing a document formatted to print horizontal on a page but not changing the settings for the printer. In each application you are printing from go to "Page Setup" under the File menu. In there try changing the "Orientation" from vertical to horizontal or the reverse of that if it is already set to horizontal. Also in that same window make sure you have US Letter selected as your Page Size.

The website problem has more to do with the browser support of that website than your Mac, but it will be easier for your Mac to adjust then for the website to be rewritten. A first step is to try a different browser. I would recommend keeping a copy of Firefox on your computer when you encounter this problem. You can get a copy for free here: If the page looks the same in Firefox as it does in Safari, then you can try to adjust the size of the text displayed. In Safari's View menu are two options, "Make Text Bigger" and "Make Text Smaller." Make the text smaller until it looks right to you and then print.

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