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Ask Max: Print formatting problems with

Asked on 04/12/2007:

My OS 10.3.9 G4 Mac has problems printing from the Mail program. When I print, the text runs vertically in a thin column and takes about 4-5 pages to print even the shortest of e-mails. I've tried reinstalling printer drivers to no avail. It occurs on all our office printers, yet I print the messages from my PC from MS Outlook and they come out fine. Our mail is IMAP controlled if that matters. Any thoughts?


The problem you describe seems like a "Page Setup" problem. When the problem is only with one program and a variety of printer models, it is almost always a Page Setup issue. Under the File menu in Mail is Page Setup. When you select it you will see a standard Page Setup Window that looks the same in near every application. It is important that you make the changes to the Mail Page Setup because although they all look alike the settings are different for each application. The "Format for" should be set to "Any Printer," "Paper Size" should be set to "US Letter," and the "Orientation" should be set to the left most icon with the man standing straight. Scale is often set to 100% but can be less. Click OK after you make those changes and try to print. If the problem persists then something could have been changed with the US Letter settings. Go back to Page Setup and select "Manage Custom Sizes" from the Paper Size pull down Menu. In the Custom Paper Sizes window, click on the "+" button. That will make a new page setting. Set the width to 8.50 in and the height to 11.00 in and then double click on the untitled name of your custom page. Name it something you would remember. Now click OK and then select your new custom page from the Paper Size pull down menu. Click OK and then try printing again.

If both those suggestions do not work try downloading the latest print drivers for your printer. Good luck and I hope you are able to print this email.

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