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Ask Max: PowerPoint made on Mac not running on Windows

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I am having trouble making a PowerPoint presentation which can run on Windows. The screen saying you need a QuickTime or Tiff decodec keeps coming up when they try to play it even though they have these things. Ideally I would like to solve that problem but if that is difficult then saving the presentation as a DVD (Pal) because I am in Europe would work.How do I do that.


The first thing to try would be reinstalling QuickTime 7 on the Windows computer. Sometimes Windows can lose track of the applications that support certain file types. First, you want to go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall QuickTime. Next download the latest version of QuickTime from here. Run the installer, but make sure all the programs and antivirus software are turned off. My hunch is that will solve the missing Codec problems you are having.

However, if that doesn't solve your problems you can always make a DVD of your presentation. From PowerPoint open your presentation and click on "Make Movie…" from the file menu. Towards the bottom center of the screen is a "Movie Options…" button. In the options window select "Custom" size and change it to 720 X 576, which is the PAL TV setting. In the United States it would be the NTSC TV standard of 720 X 480. Once you have made those changes click OK and then save. Now open iMovie and drag the .mov file you just made in PowerPoint into your clips library. Now you can add it to your timeline and also add any other footage you may want. Save your iMovie project and then select iDVD from the Share Menu. When prompted, click on the Share button, which will open iDVD. From iDVD create a simple project and burn it to a blank DVD. You do not have to think too much about PAL Vs. NTSC with DVDs. A DVD player will play your presentation video appropriately to the TV or projector it is connected to.

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