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Ask Max: Powering MacBook Pro through a car's lighter plug

Asked on 11/02/2006:

Do you have anything in stock that would power a 15" MacBook Pro through a car's lighter? I have not seen a product that can do that yet.Thanks very much, I really appreciate your help.


I have yet to find any MagSafe auto adapter for the MacBook or MacBook Pro that I would trust. However I have a better solution for you. I use a DC to AC power inverter for my mobile travel needs (Mobile Inverter). This will turn a standard lighter plug into a three pronged house outlet that will accept your original Apple power adapter. It will also power all your other plug-in devices that you may need to bring along in the car. Most power inverters will work well, but remember you will want one with over 85W of output.. It is a versatile solution that will outlive your MacBook Pro. I have had the same inverter for many different laptops.

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