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Ask Max: Powerbook G4 Hard Drive size limit

Asked on 11/14/2007:

I was talking with one of your salespeople this morning and here's my question:I have 6 PowerBook G4 400mhz Titanium Laptops. What is the largest size hard drive that I can put in? They have 10GB hard drives in them right now. I was told 40GB was the max by another vendor.


There are always a few concerns with putting a larger hard drive in an older portable Mac. Laptops are designed with only their original configuration in mind and newer drives have the potential of drawing excessive power or generating more heat than the PowerBook was designed to dissipate. All that being said, I know many people who have happily upgraded their Mac Laptop's hard drive, without any problem. I personally have cracked open my fair share of personal Mac Laptops to get a little more storage space.

Most drives that are 120GB or smaller are a safe bet when upgrading older Macs, of any flavor. I think though that an 80GB 2.5" drive is the best value for gigabytes vs. dollars. Look at this MCE drive upgrade kit, it has the drive and all the tools needed to swap out that 10 GB drive.

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