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Ask Max: Pioneer 110D Install on PowerMac G4 Quicksilver

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I just installed a new super drive on my G4 Quicksilver, 733MHz machine using OS 10.3.9. The G4 did not have a super drive originally, just the CD-R.

I am not able to play DVD movies on it. I installed Patchburn with no luck. I was told about VLC media player which I installed and it worked. It doesn't seem to allow recording DVDs. Someone suggested I reinstall the system from my OS 10.1 disc to allow the full capability of the Pioneer 110D.

I can get all the system updates from Apple to get back to OS 10.3.9. If I do this, will I loose all the updates, i.e. iPhoto, security updates, iTunes, etc.?


I would recommend using a utility to upgrade the DVR-110D firmware. The only one I know about for the Mac is "DVRFlash," currently at version 2.2. It is found here: DVRFlash is a nice Terminal utility that will flash your drive with the latest firmware. You will need to find out your drive's firmware by going to the System Profiler and looking at the drives "Revision:" number. If it is less than version 1.37, then update. I would also suggest upgrading to OS 10.4.3 for the best compatibility. That way you will not lose any updates you have done and will get the latest drivers from Apple for upgraded hardware.

Good luck, and be sure to read the DVRFlash instructions.

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