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Ask Max: Permisson problems using Airport in "standard" accounts

Asked on 02/27/2007:

While setting up an administrator account in order to 'compute safely,' I can't seem to be able to give permanent permission to use Airport in other accounts. Each time I log in to either my usual account, or a visitor account that I give permission to do about everything short of administrator, I have to type in the admin password in order to access Airport.I've repaired permissions, etc.Any ideas?


There could be only a few things interfering with other accounts accessing your home wireless network without administrator approval. My best guess would be that you need to set your preferred network. This is how you can do it in Mac OS X 10.4 but it's similar in other versions of OS X: When logged into the Administrator account go to the System Preferences. Select "Network" and change the "Show" pull down menu to "Airport." You probably will have to click on the locked Padlock icon in the lower left hand corner to make changes. Enter your password when you are prompted and click OK. Now click on the Airport tab. Change the "By default, join:" pull down menu from Automatic to Preferred networks. In the window below you should see your home wireless network. If you do not see your home network, or you want to have more networks in that list, click on the "+" button. You can type the network's name or if you are near the network you can select it by clicking the down pointing arrow to the right of the text box. Then enter the network password if you have one and click Ok. Before you close the Network preference window click on the options button. Make sure that the "Require administrator password to:" section has no checkboxes checked. Click the OK button to close the Options window and then click the Apply Now button to save all you changes. To be certain, you may want to repeat these steps for each account you have on your computer.Although other things could cause this problem of yours I think this will likely solve it. Let me know how it works for you.

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