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Ask Max: Permanently Docked Window

Asked on 04/21/2008:

Apologies for this bothersome question- all Finder windows are closed and yet a window from an external firewire minimized there won't open or be tossed out as with other items I steadily remove from the dock. How can I get rid of the unwanted minimized window in the dock? Unmount the drive? Thank You in advance for your time.

800mhz flat panel iMac 10.4.11 Tiger


There is a little command you can type into the Terminal that will restart your dock. Anything that is minimized on it will be kicked off. First, open the Terminal application, it is in your Utilities folder that is in the Applications folder. When Terminal is open, type this text: "killall Dock" without the quotation marks. Press the return key and your Dock should disappear for a moment. When it comes back up you should have nothing on it except saved shortcuts, the trash, and applications.

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