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Ask Max: PATA PCI hard drive controller

Asked on 09/10/2007:

I just bought a 250 GB disk drive at Circuit City, to update my venerable PowerMac G4-450/AGP system with its now-puny 27 GB drive. Well, it turns out that the native controller in the system only recognizes 128 GB of the new drive. Not like that's a big problem, but is there a cheap PCI disk controller that I can add to this system that will allow it to address the whole drive, perhaps with some partitions?


Drive size limits on older Macs used to be a simple problem to fix with a PCI ATA controller card. However, most Mac-friendly products are no longer being made. Every manufacturer is moving from PATA hard drives connectivity to SATA hard drive models. In your case the best option is to use an external drive case, which will see your full drive size.

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