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Ask Max: OS X login problem

Asked on 09/10/2007:

I have an Apple iBook G3 clamshell with OS 10.1 operating system. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get past the login screen- it goes to the screen where it asks you to choose a user. User2 works fine but when I try to log in to user 1 it asks for me to type in the password. Then after I type in the password it says logging in as usual but it just stays there forever. I've left it on for a hour and a half and it still was at the same screen, I don't know what the problem can be, the only thing I can think of is like the day before I had to power down with the power button instead of shutting it down and I had a few programs running, any help would be nice.


Well it helps that you have two user accounts and one of them works. My guess is that one of your preferences became corrupted when you forced your iBook to shut down. If your other account is also an Admin user, then you should be able to login to the working account and edit items in the broken one. You should remove the "Library" folder from the broken account and place it in the shared folder for safekeeping. Then log out of your working account and try logging into your broken account. Without a library folder the Mac OS should recreate a new library folder with the default settings and let you log in. After you get into the formerly broken user account, you can start moving the old library items back into the new library folder. Do that work slowly, one folder at a time. Each time you move a folder, restart the computer. Eventually you should find the broken item and be able to remove it permanently.

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