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Ask Max: OS X faxing

Asked on 04/25/2007:

Using 10.4.8, PB G4 1.5 MHz (purchased from PowerMax) has following fax issues:

1. Modem picks up incoming fax call and shows that it is being received but no fax appears in selected folder and certainly nothing is emailed as I have chosen.

2. Outgoing faxes (using "Fax PDF" in Print menu) show that they are being sent but upon completion remain in the queue with a "Hold" to resend.

Faxing directly from PB is critical for me; it's a major reason I just purchased a pre-Intel PB with internal modem.


You will first want to make sure that your fax modem is set up correctly. Test your phone line so that you have a known good cable plugged into the modem port. Double check that you have the phone line plugged into the modem port and not the larger ethernet port (It has happened to the best of us). Make sure that it is a snug fit. Now that you know your outbound modem connection is solid we can look at the settings.

Go to the Print & Fax section of System preferences and select the Faxing tab. Now click on the Padlock icon at the bottom of the window to unlock the preferences. If the Padlock icon is not unlocked, then everything you change will not be permanent. Check the checkbox to receive faxes and enter your fax number. Check the Checkbox for "Save to:" and set it for the "Faxes" folder that lives in your user folder. Now check the checkbox next "Email to:" and enter your email address. Next place a check mark for "Show fax status in the menu bar." Now make sure all your settings are saved. Click on the "show all" button and then click on "Print & Fax" again. If everything is there the way you want it, then click on the Set Up Fax Modem button. A new Fax List Window will open. You should see a listing for "Internal Modem." If you do not see that option you may need to try faxing something first. Open a web page and select print, when you are able, select Fax PDF. Enter in a number you own, for instance your cell phone. The Modem section should say Internal Modem. Send a test fax: it will fail but if your cell phone rings then you know it is trying. Your phone should ring and "Internal Modem" should be in the Fax List. If you get this far it should start working for you. Try some test faxes. If you still get Hold responses in the Internal Modem's faxing queue, then try manually selecting "Resume" for the fax job. Watch for the specific error displayed. It is often only on the screen for a few seconds but it should tell you where the failure occurs.

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