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Ask Max: OS confusion

Asked on 04/25/2007:

I have a 933 mhz G4 desktop running OSX 10.4.8 and OS 9.2. I have the start-up HD set to OSX 10.4.8. My problem is whenever I start up using the preferred OS it comes up then it automatically selects a particular application, PageMaker, and starts up OS 9.2. I do not know how this happened but I do not want to start up PageMaker which is an OS 9.2 application, every time I reboot the machine. I know there must be something that needs to be reset but where?


There are several ways a program can auto-start in OS X. One way is to place an application in the StartupItems folder that is in your main Library folder. However, the more common way applications auto-start is through a user preference. Go to the System Preferences and click on Accounts. Select your user account and click on the "Login items" tab. You will probably see PageMaker in the list of auto-starting applications. Click on PageMaker to highlight, and then use the "-" button to remove it from the list. That's it, PageMaker should only start when you want it to. Often you can add or remove login items from the Dock. If you click and hold on an application's dock icon, a menu will appear. One of the options is "Open At Login" and selecting it will cause that application to auto-start next time you restart. An auto-starting application will have a check mark next to the "Open At Login" menu item.

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