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Ask Max: Num keypad doesn't work in OS X

Asked on 09/20/2006:

I rely on my NUMBER KEYPAD on the Apple Extended USB Keyboard and have never had a problem with it in OS 9.2.2.But it won't work at all in OS X. I'm using a Power Mac G4 , 2 Power PC G4 Processors (11.3), I bought from PowerMax. In Photoshop if I accidentally use the number keypad, it causes Photoshop and the system to hang. In TextEdit the various numbers move the cursor up, down and diagonally, and can hang the system. I have found no provision in OS X to fix this. Can you solve this mystery?


I think you may have accidentally turned on a Universal Access feature, and that's what is causing your problems. Go to the System Preferences and click on Universal Access. Now click on the mouse tab and turn off "Mouse Keys." Unless you use Universal Access you should make sure all settings are marked as "off."Hope that solves it.

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